Protecting Human Rights And Animal Welfare

Respecting and protecting human rights is core to our business, which is why we implemented a human rights due diligence process and train our procurement teams on the threats of modern slavery in labor sourcing.

And to help protect animal welfare, HSM invests in sustainably and responsibly sourced seafood, eggs, meat, poultry and produce for properties around the globe. We collaborate with top suppliers and organizations that share our focus on sustainability and responsible sourcing, which is why we partnered with the World Wildlife Fund to create a procurement strategy that protects endangered species. Learn more about HSM’s due diligence approach to mitigating ESG risk here.

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Reducing Environmental Footprints

We’re identifying new, innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact by partnering with our properties. HSM prioritizes the reduction of waste produced at our hotels and the diversion of remaining waste away from landfills.

Reducing our hotels’ carbon footprints and energy costs is of top importance. In addition to providing renewable energy and related utilities programs for properties, HSM offers cost-competitive energy procurement and management services, as well as products such as HVAC, PTAC and thermostats, lighting controls and electrical supplies, electric vehicle charging and building automation systems.

Teaming Up On Corporate Responsibility

To help achieve our aggressive Travel with Purpose 2030 Goals, we are aligning with manufacturers, distributors and suppliers who are equally committed in their resolve to protect and preserve our planet’s resources. From fellow global corporations to family-owned small businesses, HSM is forging partnerships across our supply chain to advance sustainability both within, and beyond, the hospitality industry.

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Download our Sustainability one-sheet to read more about how HSM is redefining sustainable
practices across the supply chain.

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“HSM recognizes that with the power and breadth of our procurement program, we have a responsibility to our planet and the communities we serve. Through initiatives like recycling and waste reduction, we seek to have a positive impact on the environment.”

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