In 1967, Hilton launched the Hilton Equipment Corporation (HEC)—an authorized hospitality product supplier that purchased equipment from manufacturers for resale to hotels. HEC then became Hilton Supply Management in 1999. HEC initially supplied mainly food and beverage products, but soon expanded into hotel furniture, fixtures and equipment, as well as supplies for property operations. For 32 years, HEC continued adding products to its catalog of offerings.


In 1999, Hilton merged with Promus Hotel Corporation and Hilton Supply Management (HSM) was born. Through this partnership, HSM adopted a supplier-direct model that was more cost-effective for customers and more sustainable for high-volume, low dollar items. The supplier-direct strategy opened the door for HSM to offer more products, support a greater number of properties and exercise better quality control and brand support along the way.


Today, HSM operates as the world’s leading hospitality-focused end-to-end supply chain partner, securing best-in-class products and pricing for our customers, enriching our supplier network and growing our global portfolio.