It stands to reason that your supply chain’s success is largely based on the strength of your supplier network. That’s why it is important to cast a wide net, but also to focus on the quality and diversity of the relationships you develop. Fortunately for those who choose HSM as their procurement partner, we have created an extensive network of more than 1,100 industry-leading suppliers who strengthen our supply chains through variety, diversity and responsible sourcing.

One reason HSM is able to offer consistent and reliable supply chain solutions is because we have made it a priority to diversify our distribution channels. Other purchasing programs often choose one avenue to market, while we like to expand our options to offer stability and flexibility to our customers. For example, HSM draws from a variety of established industry suppliers, including these and other options: Sysco, Guest Supply and Edward Don. This gives us a deeper bench of strength and more resilient supply chains so we can remain confident and agile.

HSM’s supplier network can also bring value to your business through our commitment to supplier diversity. At HSM, we believe that our supplier community should reflect the communities in which we all live, work and travel. To help push this ideal forward, we forge strategic partnerships, host informative events and offer empowering resources to businesses owned by women, minorities, veterans and LGBTQ individuals. Our award-winning Supplier Diversity program is a large part of this priority.

HSM has also made it a priority to promote social responsibility by partnering with our suppliers to eradicate any form of forced labor or trafficking. We perform supplier due diligence and train our procurement teams on risks of modern slavery in labor sourcing. To track our progress towards aligning with our environmental and social impact goals, HSM has developed a Responsible Sourcing Advisory Board and utilizes the latest technology to evaluate and address our suppliers’ sustainability risk.

The value in HSM’s extensive supplier network comes not just from the quality and diversity within, but also from the important relationships we’ve established. During major disruptions – like the hurricanes, wildfires and global pandemic of the past year – it’s these relationships that keep the supply chain moving. During difficult times for our customers, suppliers are encouraged to be more flexible with policies and payments because of the partnerships HSM has already developed with them. Our supplier network is really a community, one that we’ve worked hard to curate and that comes through in a crisis.

If you are interested in aligning yourself with a strong, far-reaching, diverse and ethical group of suppliers, HSM has already created this network for you. Contact us to learn more about our suppliers and how our relationships with them can benefit your business.

Published: January 01, 2021

Category: Supplier Diversity