Want to know how your business can benefit from leveraging the combined buying power of a group purchasing organization (GPO)? When you make HSM your procurement partner, you are backed by the unrivaled, value-based pricing that comes with a global network of 11,000 properties and billions in spending leverage. Partnering with a group purchasing organization can give your business big buying power, and if your supply chain is not already leveraging the power of a GPO, now is the time to consider it.

When purchasing as an individual entity, businesses are faced with higher prices, more responsibility and increased effort and inconvenience. Partnering with a GPO allows you to leverage the buying power of the entire enterprise, resulting in cost containment and the convenience of previously-negotiated prices. These relationships often also offer advice from industry specialists, up-to-date resources and market insights and solutions for improving efficiency and your bottom line.

So, now that we’ve covered why it’s so beneficial to join a GPO, we’ll take things a step further and share with you how you can maximize savings and optimize efficiency by choosing HSM as your dedicated supply chain partner. Leveraging the volume of our entire customer base, we create economies of scale that result in best-in-class pricing on all products and services, and our customers historically save 15% across multiple categories. We also offer service on standby with HSMx, your central resource for questions, supplier support, solutions and direct help with procurement.

In addition to savings and support, HSM stands apart from its competition by offering leading-edge technology, FF&E sourcing and a wide range of categories and suppliers. In a technology-driven landscape, HSM enables customers to keep pace with real-time project analytics and cloud-based eProcurement software. HSM’s FF&E team handles strategic sourcing and project procurement from start to finish by creating, developing and sourcing distinct products, as well as managing new builds, conversions and complete renovations from concept to completion. HSM has also makes it a priority to diversify our distribution channels, drawing from a variety of established industry suppliers. Whereas other purchasing programs often choose one avenue to market, expanding our options offers stability and flexibility to our customers.

Finally, HSM is a partner with a conscience. We recognize that the power and breadth of our program comes with a responsibility to drive positive environmental and social impact across our operations and supply chain. Therefore, we practice responsible sourcing in a way that benefits our customers, our suppliers, the global labor force and the planet. We are also committed to our award-winning Supplier Diversity program that strives to engage, support and create business opportunities in the communities in which we all live, work and travel. And we also believe in being upfront with our customers. Many GPOs require high spend thresholds or rebate programs. HSM would rather offer you the benefits of partnership outright with pricing that is negotiated to offset operational costs, margins that are minimal and an approach that is fully transparent.

To sum it up, the powerful and cost-saving benefits of joining a GPO are likely to transform your business. And if you are ready to harness the power of an industry-leading procurement partner, contact HSM for a risk-free, no-fee conversation about how the strength and breadth of our scale can help your bottom line.

Published: January 01, 2021

Category: News