In the past few decades, the number of recorded annual hurricanes has been steadily rising, so it’s no surprise that HSM offers its most frequent crisis support in response to these natural disasters. In 2017 alone, there were 17 named storms, 10 hurricanes and six major hurricanes. And, just like in most crises, supply chain preparedness with a reliable partner like HSM plays a major role in an efficient response and effective recovery.

While hurricanes are somewhat unexpected, there are procedures HSM puts in place and steps hotels can take to be prepared to help mitigate the resulting supply chain risks. HSM has created a Crisis Committee that focuses on receiving and sharing critical information from our suppliers. This helps to determine the best path of action moving forward and to get ahead of potential issues, from logistics and IT to food supply and waste management. HSM has also made it a priority to develop relationships with our key suppliers, who will look to support customers as quickly as possible, and to establish a vast supply line to facilitate the coordination of alternative solutions.

HSM also helps our properties to be prepared for a crisis by sending out relevant and timely communication. In September of 2020, Shawn Kane, HSM Americas Director of Strategic Accounts, sent an email to partners in a hurricane’s impact zone which began, “I wanted to touch base and share some info regarding ‘Sally’ as you have hotels in the path and to see if you had any needs related or in general that I could assist with?” The communication included information on the path of the hurricane, where to expect delays and which suppliers had already been contacted to help mitigate impact of those delays. HSM also sends out communications reminding customers to review and prepare their checklists for key survival items and supplies before any potential disaster season.

The next step is to coordinate with hotels and suppliers in impact zones after they’ve been affected to evaluate needs and then to start addressing them. First, we do a wellness check-in with suppliers and hotels to assess damage, identify issues and make early estimates of when service can be resumed. Hospitals, emergency centers, the Red Cross, health care operations are the first to receive deliveries, then hotels and other customers. Next, we effectively communicate with our customers to report on deliveries, trace and track critical needs and work with suppliers to meet those needs. Once the initial threat is neutralized, we manage any one-off unique needs and coordinate with suppliers to provide post-storm relief.

When Hurricane Odile hit the tip of the Baja peninsula, Hilton Los Cabos was left with nearly 650 guests and employees stranded at the property with no access to internet service, landline phones, electricity or water supply. Within days, HSM coordinated an on-site crisis crew with ferries to deliver necessary supplies and equipment. We also helped organize and manage property recovery efforts to repair the damaged hotel. In the end, HSM’s buying power helped Hilton Los Cabos realize $150,000 of savings on a $650,000 spend.

A partnership with HSM not only comes with best-in-class savings and service, but also potentially life-saving support when disaster strikes. Through preparedness, communication, immediate relief and property recovery, HSM offers dedicated assistance, innovative thinking and agile supply chain solutions to get your property or business through the eye of the storm and safely to the other side.

Published: April 01, 2021

Category: Logistics