As the world’s largest dedicated hospitality procurement partner, we at HSM realize our responsibility to protect the planet so that the communities and destinations in which we operate remain vibrant for years to come. This Earth Day, in line with our pledge to travel green, we sat down with one of our sustainable dining partners to talk about how they’re helping customers move toward a more environmentally sustainable hotel experience. HSM has cultivated a growing network of eco-friendly suppliers that provide green alternatives to traditional solutions, innovating new, more environmentally friendly paths forward for the hospitality industry. We were honored to connect with Meveca, a leader in the sustainable luxury dining space, to learn how they’re partnering with customers to offer responsibly sourced, energy-efficient F&B solutions.

HSM: As a company, why is focusing on sustainability so important, and what role do your suppliers play in the responsible sourcing process?

Meveca: In our eyes, the future of hospitality and the future of our planet go hand in hand. We believe that world-class manufacturing begins with respect for people and the environment, which is why we place so much emphasis on sustainability. By extension, we honor our core values by working with suppliers who share our commitment to make products responsibly and sustainably. In fact, we purposely have a high in-house product depth so we can continue to serve customer needs when sustainable suppliers are unavailable in a certain space.

HSM: Which of your products do you think has, or will have, the greatest positive impact on sustainability?

Meveca: While our team routinely works with operators and restaurateurs to reduce costs and support green initiatives through adjustments to lighting features, surfaces and other details, we’d have to say that our modular buffet equipment, THE BAUKASTEN livecookintable®, probably offers the greatest long-term investment toward sustainability. One table lasts 10+ years, with interchangeable modules that can be updated in the interim, and the system has been tracked to reduce food waste by up to 35%. Customers get an amazing ROI from one purchase. We also love our linen-less banquet, conference and cocktail table range, which allows customers to reduce their carbon footprint by saving energy and water.

HSM: In your opinion, why aren’t more luxury hospitality providers offering sustainable options?

Meveca: While a number of factors might stop luxury hotel suppliers from offering sustainable solutions, we think the top three concerns for suppliers when going green are 1) resistance to change, 2) cost effectiveness and 3) material reliability. Transitioning to an eco-friendlier business model requires a new way of thinking, an enormous amount of planning and research and a long-term commitment to the process, which many suppliers may not be prepared to make. Going green is also a costly process, which some suppliers simply cannot afford right now, and finding suppliers who offer materials that are both sustainable and provide great functionality is incredibly difficult. Finding the right partners with reliable material is often a deterrent for companies pursuing more sustainable options.

HSM: Global travel preferences are clearly evolving, and we are starting to see sustainability as a more frequent feature in the luxury space. What is your process to achieve a level of “green” luxury?

Meveca: Luxury and sustainability have widely been regarded as two ends of a spectrum, but at Meveca we believe the opposite—that clean air and water, natural materials and fresh food are the most primitive elements of comfort and represent a true luxury experience. We therefore conceptualize our equipment from an operational viewpoint to provide not only a product, but a long-term solution. For example, we think about product longevity and recyclability when designing equipment to reduce food waste and drive ROI. Our goal is to leave no waste for future generations, which is why our most powerful battery is built from “upcycled” car batteries and can be recycled again at the end of its use.

HSM: Last but not least, do you only partner with properties that can meet a specific price point?

Meveca: Quite the opposite. We are a completely solution-driven brand and one-stop shop for all hospitality dining solutions. From live cooking and buffet displays to banquet furniture and in-room dining equipment, we offer products that cater to any budget and requirements. Our expert team consists of designers, architects, chefs, hoteliers, sales and after-sales support. We work with each client to understand their needs so we can offer tailored solutions that fit their budget accordingly. Our modular, Lego-like system allows clients to add on equipment whenever their budget allows, which is a win-win situation at any price point.

HSM is grateful to the team at Meveca for sharing their time and valuable insights, and we applaud this partner and all our sustainability-focused suppliers for their efforts to protect our planet and reimagine the future of hospitality. Our F&B category management experts are teaming up with likeminded partners across the globe to help properties deliver dining experiences curated from responsible sources. To take advantage of HSM’s network of sustainable suppliers, contact your Strategic Accounts advisor or connect with us at a

Published: April 07, 2022

Category: Sustainability