The summer season is in full swing, which means guests are cooling down and diving into property pools around the country. Don’t sweat the challenges of pool maintenance this year. Instead, take advantage of HSM’s comprehensive supplier network to help manage all of your pool maintenance, chemical and monitoring needs, and look for hot tips below from our supplier, VIvoAquatics to keep your pool operations cool.

Like many sectors, the pool industry is currently facing significant supply chain issues. Thankfully, HSM has a vetted list of hand-selected suppliers to help you stay ahead of shortages, chosen for their competitive pricing, close proximity to our partnering properties and commitment to offering innovative, cost-effective solutions to any pool and spa challenges our properties might face.

  • Pool Pro Tip # 1: Stock Up on Chlorine, and Be Prepared with Backups Increased demand and manufacturing delays have caused a national shortage of Trichlor chlorine tabs, and many markets are either rationing supplies or completely out of stock. Don’t let shortages put a damper on summer fun. Stock up on pool maintenance basics like chlorine, acid and sodium bicarbonate, and consider exploring other purification solutions, such as salt systems, liquid bleach or erosion tab feeders.
  • Pro Pool Tip #2: Inspect and Update Pool Equipment Routinely inspect pool and spa equipment for breaks, cracks or excessive wear. Ladders, steps, railings, skimmer lids and other accessories can become hazardous when broken, and regular inspections, updates and upgrades help create a safe, aesthetically-appealing aquatic environment for your guests.

Need the skinny on equipment sourcing and installation? HSM has you covered. We also offer a wide array of contracts for pool maintenance and monitoring services, ranging from manual monitoring – checking for leaks, testing pool chemistry and monitoring chemical and water levels – to installation of software systems engineered to monitor your entire pool and spa ecosystem. Properties that prefer to have a certified pool and spa operator on staff can tap into trainings through HSM’s network of pool certification contracts, saving money on long-term maintenance costs while remaining secure in the knowledge that our certifying suppliers are sanctioned by regulatory agencies.

  • Pro Pool Tip #3: Avoid Excessive Water Loss caused by Leaks, Faulty Fill Systems To ensure good stewardship of water and eliminate unnecessary loss, regularly check for any structural leaks in your equipment and infrastructure, and inspect your auto-fill to ensure it is not constantly feeding. Properties with more advanced aquatic systems should consider installing water usage meters on fill lines for better tracking.
  • Pro Pool Tip #4: Perform Basic Preventative Maintenance The importance of proper circulation and filtration of your pool’s water cannot be overstated. Conduct regular maintenance and repairs on your pool’s pump and filter, replace any worn gaskets and seals, routinely inspect your heater’s burner tray and ignitor, clean out the strainer regularly and use a flowmeter to make sure your pool is operating at the right settings.

HSM’s roster of vetted pool maintenance vendors can assist with any of the services above, including routine cleanings, filter inspections, chlorine tests and temperature, pressure, safety and chemical checks. Our suppliers can also offer insights about upcoming changes to equipment and safety regulations.

  • Pro Pool Tip #5: Stay Ahead of Changing Pool Pump Regulations Effective July 19, the Department of Energy is enacting new requirements for pool pump manufacturers. Under the new legislation, production must cease on single speed pumps that operate under 2.5 horsepower, which will impact most property pools and spas. Properties are not required to upgrade pumps to meet new specifications, but traditional speed pumps are going off the market and upgrades will be necessary as existing pumps fail. Prepare and plan ahead to pay a premium for a more efficient variable speed pump.

This summer, let HSM pool our resources for you. Pool maintenance contracts are currently available to any property type throughout the United States and Caribbean. Contact your service provider and ask to be connected to the HSM representative, or work directly with your HSM Strategic Accounts representative to keep your pool operations running swimmingly.

Published: May 01, 2021

Category: Logistics